- 2003 - 2004 Season start :

  • Grand Prix Final (12-14 Dec 2003) :
    Till the last moment, Isabelle et Olivier were not sure wether they would compete or not for the final, since their luggage were lost in the trip to Colorado Springs. Here the ISU article on the Original Dance. After a nice Original Dance, and a wonderfull Free Dance, Isabelle and Olivier end at the fifth rank, ahead of the Canadians DUBREUIL/LAUZON, for their first grand prix final. Detailed results here, and an extract of the article of the sport newspaper «L'Equipe» here (french).

  • Lalique Trophy (13-15 Nov 2003) :
    Isabelle et Olivier ended the event in third position, and just missed the Silver Medal after a fantastic Free Dance. Detailed results here . The article from the "ligue Rhône-Alpes" (French), and here the article from the "Le Monde" newspaper, and there the ISU article;

  • China Cup (6-8 Nov 2003) :
    Once again, our favorite dance couple ends the event at the third position, their Original Dance was also apreciated, as testifies their second rank after this particular event. The detailed results here, there the ISU article on the original dance ;

  • Skate America (23-25 Oct 2003) :
    Isabelle et Olivier ends at the third position despite their First rank after the Original Dance. They end at less than 1/10 points from the ukrainians GRUSHINA/GONSHAROV; All results here, there the ISU article on the Original Dance, and there the one about the Free Dance;

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Questions to ask, remarks or encouragements for Isabelle and Olivier ? Don't hesitate to send them a message. They thank you in advance

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Mailing e-list: Join the new yahoogroups e-list and and discuss Isabelle and Olivier's programs, performances and anything else pertaining to them and their skating.

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Their summer training at Villard-de-Lans;

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Isabelle and Olivier's pictures at their beginings will be available on this site. Great thanks to the mum's of the two skaters as well as to their families for having brought us these pictures.

You can also look at the picture of the month.

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Galas and foreseen Competitions for Isabelle & Olivier :

International Competitions 2004 :

  • France Nationals - 20-21 Decembre 2003, Briançon
  • Europe Championships - 2-8 February 2004, Budapest (Hongrie)
  • World Championships - 22-28 March 2004, Dortmünd (Allemagne)

Galas to come :
  • Tours, 30 Novembre
  • Christmas Gala at Courchevel, on the 23 of Decembre, diffused on the 28 on FRANCE3
  • Orléans, 10 February 2004


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